St. Paul's Church Mill Hill - The Church that William Wilberforce built

St Paul's Church Support Teams

It takes between 90 and100 different volunteers each month just to make Sundays happen at St Paul's.

We see it as another way of giving to the Church. Sometimes volunteers offer specific talents - but more often, all that is needed is enthusiasm and a bit of time. Helping doesn't just support the work of the Church; it is also a way of getting to know our Church community and making new friends.

Apart from the activities given their own pages on this website, listed below are just some of the other support teams and needs at St Paul's.

Readers and Intercessors, Church Flowers, Churchyard Working Team, Church Cleaning Teams, Sunday Coffee Rota, Sunday Hall Rota, Fundraising Team, Catering Support, Hall Maintenance, Hall Weekend Keyholders, Parish Magazine, Website, Saturday Church Opening Rota, Sunday Car Rota.

If you would like further information on one of the teams, would like to get involved or would like to help in any other way, please speak to one of the Churchwardens in Church or via the Parish Office. | 020 8906 3793 | The Ridgeway, Mill Hill, London, NW7 1QU |